Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Elizabeth Price

Hi all

I wanted to let you know about a week of screenings and events Pavilion will be putting on in collaboration with Elizabeth Price. She's a really interesting artist who draws on institutional crique, philosophy, modernism, sci-fi, pop culture and advertising to 'reinscribe and reformulate collections and archives.'

We're screening two 'epsiodes' of Price's ongoing work The New Ruined Institute - WELCOME (The Atrium) and USER GROUP DISCO (The Hall of Sculptures) - at Pavilion, which each (as Price describes) "unfolds a different room within the notional architecture of a fictional Institutional building."

Screening times: 15 June: 5.30 pm 16 June: 3 pm, 17 June: 3pm, 18 June: 5.30 pm, 19 June: 3pm

We've also got a dialogue event at 42 New Briggate at 7pm (drinks from 6.30) on Tuesday 15 June and a screening at the Hyde Park picture house at 6.30 where we'll be showing films that have directly informed the visual formulation of Price's work (Kenneth Anger, Painleve, Alain Resnais and Chris Marker).

We've just commissioned a text by Rachel Withers (Wimbledon College of Art/ Art Forum) which we're putting out as a piece of print so if anyone would like a copy just send me your address.

More info about it all here

There's an Art Monthly interview between Elizabeth and Paul O'Neill which I found a useful way into her work.

There are also some excerpts of her videos and an essay by Gilda Williams on Lux

If you'd like to book on to any of the events/ screenings just drop me a line(

Bye for now and looking for the next lab meet.


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