Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Black Lab

Apologies for not attending last nights meeting, I was occupied by a prior engagement. I'm looking forward to attending further meetings and would, if I may, like to invite Conway & Young to the next meeting.

Working closely with Zoe and being a practitioner myself - not long graduated, I'd like to make that we were referring to accessibility towards available spaces in Leeds, not there being a lack of - unless you have a specific discipline, which lends itself to contexts other than galleries and / or you have established a healthy network in the region. I'm not speaking on behalf of myself, I'm speaking on behalf of other practitioners I'm aware of have had encounters with, I'd consider myself to have had and made plenty of opportunities for myself and I'm satisfied with that. I'm interested in education and helping facilitate development of others practice as well as my own, on the terms of those interested in pursuing something. However, this isn't completely selfless, what I'm interested in developing is a sustained and expanding critical body within the region, encouraging others to get involved. To clarify a point I was trying to make, which I'm sure I didn't articulate very well in the first meeting, is what I'm personally interested in, is somewhere to facilitate conversation, without formality, without having to present something. Situations where unexpected encounters are able to occur. To my knowledge and in my experience the places that this generally happens is in a context where you have invited or advertised a certain event or happening where like minded individuals will attend.

I do personally feel it's important for activity to happen, activity that operates as a catalyst for conversation. I'm not an academic - so the majority of what I feel to be my arena for conversation and development is generally in a gallery / studio / event context. This is not to say that I think the space should facilitate or operate as any of these, because in truth, I don't. I'm interested in dialogue. As someone who is familiar with dialogue between a closed and small group of people, I'm aware of the unwitting benefits of sharing thoughts and ideas, this to my mind only helps when your perspective is outward looking or responsive.

Observing what others have suggested, I'd like to make note of the fact that most people are suggesting formalising things relating to their personal practice, which I think is a really good idea. I can't think of a better way of encouraging someone to invest in something, whilst creating a point of discussion.

I also would like to discuss other Leeds related projects and activities, as a point of conversation, with a view to developing knowledge about or responding to issues that could be resolved by a body of like minded people. Things like Art in Unsual places for example - something that's happening now which could be used as a satellite for Black Lab activity. I shared an interesting conversation over cigarettes with Dave & James, who talked about the importance of 'lack of space' in Leeds relating to art practice in Leeds. With hindsight I'd have like to have posed the thought that the only reason we'd gathered in the Round Foundry was because of an excess of space - I just thought I'd note that because I thought it was important.

I don't have much to propose at the moment unfortunately, but would like to extend the offer of getting involved helping others realise activity in the space. Drawing, designing things - whatever!

I think this is great,

see you all soon!


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  1. hey Jay,

    cheers for the comments, much appreciated. Conway and young have been invited to the past two meetings but have sent their apologies each time. they're following the project though and I'm sure they'll be glad to know they're in demand and welcome to join us at any future meetings/events.

    nice one



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