Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Some notes and suggestions

Hello All
I was delighted to get my first visit in at Black Lab last night, and had a great time. Particularly thanks to Alice and Yvonne for the wine I helped consume!

So I just thought I'd add a couple of notes from my recollection of the meeting before they disappear.

What I took from the meeting was that we need to have some kind of organisation - which could quite simply take the form of a calendar. Having a big version in the space would be great, but an online google cal (which I think Andy has already sorted) will allow people who can't attend the space regularly to keep in touch with what is going on and coming up.

There was some discussion about documentation, but I have to admit I don't quite know where that conversation ended up.

It looks like some events are ready to roll (or nearly) and should be added to the calendar. Other people with ideas should get their ideas into action as there is no need to mess about with umming and ahhing.

People at the meeting gave ideas of who they would like to invite to the space. The wish list was great and also helped to spark some ideas off of what could happen in the lab. I suggested David Harding which I don't think anyone else was familiar with so here is a link to his website:

I'd like to add to this with a group from Scotland called Ganghut I think they'd be really up for it, and it'd be interesting to propose some kind of weekend of collaborating with them. I'll explore this idea a bit further.

The important thing I took from the meeting is that we shouldn't just meet up and talk about what we're going to do each week but start to do things, talk about other things, have screenings etc.

I didn't write anything down so that's what comes to mind just now!

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