Thursday, 15 April 2010

Dan Simpkins and Penny Whitehead

just to keep people up to date with the communication I've had with Dan about Penny and his visit to the Lab on 19th May please see below. What do people think about the ida of trying to use the H block for this particular meet?...

From: Daniel Simpkins
To: andy abbott
Sent: Mon, 5 April, 2010 21:46:14

Subject: Re: Black Lab Leeds

Hey Andy,

Thanks for being so flexible on the dates, Tue 18th would be good for us at the moment.

A thought just popped in to my head when reading your email... we gave a talk at Leeds Met recently and became intrigued by the disused art school building - great for a dystopian degree show and it would seem ideal for Black Dog's Free Art School, could be worth a look for a temporary venue, maybe just a one-off...

We know a few members of staff at Leeds met who might be able to help us get access to Cell Block H. Aiden Winterburn who lectures on the graphic arts course told us that he's been helping students to infiltrate the building, also I'm sure it's something that Conway and Young would be interested in, and Alan Dunn seems pretty game for a bit of subversive action... so there may be a few options for getting permission from the inside to squat the old art school.

Best wishes,

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