Thursday, 8 April 2010


Hi all,

Got a response from John Jordan.....

Hey dave
the email you sent was the right address but the guy who is meant to forward them from the site is ill and so has not been doing it - which is a bit of a nightmare ! must get my hands on it and sort it out ..
anyway this is best email for me ...

It would be a pleasure to come to leeds... end half of may is best for me ? suggest some dates that work for you and ill see - I cant do tuesdays in may however...

How is your own tate project going ?? what have you decided to do ?

yours JJ


Which is great I think! What about dates though? What do we think? It would be good to have as many people as pos as he's making the effort.


  1. Great! I'll be there (if it doesn't fall between 13-20 May). Very interested to hear him speak. Judging from your and Andy's enthusiasm about his talk at the uni, it'd be well worth it. I found this interview Naomi Klein did with JJ - not sure when it's from


  2. well we've got Dan and Penny on 18th. perhaps we could suggest 25th May?

  3. Actually scrap that 25th is the only evening that week that I'm busy! how about Monday 24th?


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