Saturday, 24 April 2010

Dave Beech Questions

Hey guys,

As promised Dave Beech has agreed to chat to us and answer our questions. Sadly he cannot be here in person but will communicate through the power of skype. This will happen on Monday 3rd May @ 18.30.

We has asked him to think about talk about his views on pedagogy within and without the institution and its cause for radicalism. He will be talking on similar themes for the Deschooling Society seminar that will be happening the preceeding weekend.

We introduced the Black Lab as being set up to 'test' autonomous self-organised ways of producing knowledge and how this can be qualified. We also informed him of the intention of the meetings to look the a geneology of Free Schools and suggested that his position on the border of radical and institutionalised cultural/educational production would provide an interesting perspective on all this.

If we can get you guys to produce a list of questions for Dave to have a look at, perhaps around the theme of what constitutes an autonomous artistic learning experience and the pros and cons of this, then we can compile these and email them to him and also ask him them on the night. Does this sound like a good way to go about it?

Here's some links to his work and writing.


Rob and terry.

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  1. here's a few from me:

    There’s been loads of discussion about autonomous knowledge production and free/open university experiments of late (particularly it seems in the art world), in no small part due to the perceived imminent collapse of the neoliberal university. Do you think experiments in autonomous knowledge production are limited by their supposed opposition to the institution or by a pressure to act as an alternative to ‘mainstream’ education?

    Do you think young people (and specifically young artists) should be self-organising their education? If so, as a well-known educator in a well-known institution do you find any tensions when advocating this, particularly to (your) students?

    Do you think there are any useful structures/methods/approaches that exist in institutionalised education that could not be replicated or achieved as well in a self-organised context?

    Given the relatively radical and autonomous nature of the art school in comparison to the university, what pitfalls can you imagine for self-organised (art) educational experiments? Are there any lessons to be learned from the history of independent art schools/courses and their relation to the institution?

    What do you understand by the term ‘co-production of artistic knowledge’?

    Do you think we can measure artistic learning? If so, how might this be achieved outside of the institution?

    We have discussed in the Black Lab whether all critically-distanced activity can be considered artistic activity and equally whether all artistic activity must be critically-distanced. Do you have anything to contribute to those ponderings?

    What were your most important moments in learning about art?

    What do you think your most successful moments or approaches have been in teaching art?


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