Thursday, 15 April 2010

Jayne Bradley

Hi all,

as I mentioned at the last couple of meetings I've been in communication with artist Jayne Bradley who is happy to come and facilitate a food workshop/event on April 25th. She's up for us deciding on the activity together as a group so wanted some feedback on a few suggestions. Please see below for the communication so far. Any thoughts or preferences from the group that I can feedback to her?

excerpts from email from 6th April..

As there isn't a budget for a feast I could suggest dishes that each of you could bring for us to share based on the fluxus piece - I could show slides of the fluxfeast event I did at Vivid (we didn't film it just took stills) whilst we eat? Or I could write a menu and ask you to interpret it, this is more playful and in the style of fluxus, but could be inedible! Fluxus also held a blue banquet - all food served was blue - we could do something like this? let me know how instructive you want me to be and what we could achieve - can you heat food at the studio? - I could offer recipes for the less able amongst you? Of course we don't have to follow Fluxus, if you give me a theme I could interpret a feast menu from it...

Before or after we eat I could talk about my work and aspects of food and art - I am more interested and knowledgeable on place making and food, but I can talk broadly on food and art and cover the different approaches from Adria at El Bulli to community food projects and participatory art. I also commissioned Paris based artists Lucy and Jorge Orta to work in Birmingham back in 2004, I could talk about this project too and their more socially responsible work feeding homeless people in Paris.

email from 14th April...

HI Andy

I did turn my mind to it today and looked up the Futurist Cookbook for recipes - I am a bit tied up today but will try and speak to you tonight. I don't think I have time to write recipes for this but I was thinking about setting a menu and asking you all to respond? Ideas....

1. I could do a fluxus menu
2. you give me a theme I could develop a menu
3. We could follow the futurist cookbook - my friend has the cookbook I could borrow it.
4. We could consider something along the lines of more communal ideas - Lucy Orta developed the 7 x 7 concept where a dinner was held and 7 people brought 7 people and it grew until a whole town was invited....we could do 1 x 1 - each inviting one guest - and if everyone brings some food that reminds them of their favourite artist/place/memory/journey - you know something like that.
5. Just be silly and have a Blue Banquet?

I will be staying in a hotel over that weekend so I cant cook anything but it means I will be free to help set up early in the morning.

I attach some images from Fluxfeast - yes real pigs heads, we wanted to shock!


  1. Hi all,

    I think what would be great would be something similar to the "black dogme" stuff of one person suggesting an action and another interpreting it - this could work well with food, maybe Jayne (or all of us) comes up with a series of "recipe compos(i)t(e)s" including some specifics, one example is: soup / a walk in the park / jealousy / sweat
    - or some other such invention. Maybe using a classic food term (soup) with an action (a walk in the park) with an emotion (jealousy) with an excretion (sweat) - excretion because this comes from us when we fuel and move ourselves, physically or emotionally. Then the resulting dish creation would engage with that. Even by being a burger. xm

  2. I like that Marth, personally I would like to do something where we are interpreting or creating the food rather than just being told what to make.

    On a similar note I met an interesting guy in Glasgow last night called Chris Fite-Wassilak who is an art writer and curator but also a cheese-monger in Borough (sp?) market in London. He knows some really interesting stuff about cheese and chemical warfare (the links between them). He can't come on the 25th but he is really up for coming to Leeds another time. If this first Feast goes well maybe we could have a cheese focused feast and he can come and talk about his research. It'd be really interesting for him aswell to explore that interest in the context of Black Lab.

  3. Sounds good, even if it just an excuse to use the term cheese-monger a bit more.

    Also, Jayne would like some feedback by Tuesday so she can design a menu. I'll suggest that an interpretive instructional-based menu sounds best for us!

    Any other thoughts?


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