Thursday, 8 April 2010

Simon Critchley

The listening session was really interesting last night. The podcast turned out to be a two person presentation with Simon Critchley and Alain Badiou. Due to Simon being a really clear and engaging speaker I got a lot more from his presentation. I could only understand one word out of four that Alain said! However we talked about some interesting stuff in relation to it. I now have a cold and the snot has replaced intelligence and memory so I can't tell you all what we talked about!

But Andy did say Simon Critchley would be a good person to get along to the lab and I just spotted this lecture in Glasgow as part of the Glasgow International festival - might be a good time to contact him Andy? Seems like he lives in New York. Also perhaps answers our question as to whether contemporary philosophers engage with contemporary art.

Simon Critchley : The Infinite Demand of Art

Mon 26 April, 11am-1pm, £5/4
Venue: Glasgow School of Art

‘The Infinite Demand of Art’ will be a Studio55 GI Symposium with philosopher Simon Critchley (Chair and Professor of Philosophy, New School, New York). This unique event will be chaired by Christopher Fynsk (Head of the School of Language and Literature at the University of Aberdeen and Director of the Centre for Modern Thought). The symposium has been co-organised by The Glasgow School of Art and the Centre for Modern Thought, Aberdeen. Supported by GI Festival.
Tickets are £5/4 and will be available beginning Monday 12 April at Glasgow School of Art Reception (0141 353 4500, cash only) and the Glasgow Film Theatre Box Office (0141 332 6535).


  1. Nice. Think I'll try and make it up for that talk if poss. I'll send him an email also.

    Agreed that Critchley comes off as the better of the two in the philosophy duel for a number of reasons. I don't think Badiou tends to come across well when he isn't leading the conversation (see this for instance) and becomes impenetrable because he uses a lot of his own jargon.

    I still think that there's tons to be got out of Badiou's 'Subject of art' and 'Art's imperative' lectures on-line though and I'm really up for a 'Being and Event' or 'Logic Of World's' reading group. Rich Ormrod pointed out that it might be better to strat with something more managable though, perhaps 'Handbook of Inaesthetics' or 'Ethics'.

    Anyhow, I thought it was very beneficial listening to the lecture as a group. Cheers to you for coming down. We'll get another one booked in soon.

  2. just to follow up on that; I've emailed Critchley with an invite but he's out of office until 13th April so I'll resend then.


  3. Got a nice reply from Mr Critchley who says he really likes the sound of the project but can't make it down as is only in UK for two days. Maybe later in the year (Autumn) could be an option though. All the more reason to find some more space and/or keep the project going by some other means.

  4. That's great that you got a response so quick. Definitely motivation to keep going!


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