Friday, 5 March 2010

Another journal

I came across the website for the magazine ‘Printed Project’ which the group might be interested in.

Specifically they have a back issue ‘Artistic Freedom – Anxiety and Aspiration’ which might be of interest bearing in mind some of the discussion on Tuesday.

It can be accessed online here:

Other thoughts from the meeting.
- Following the video Martha showed I wondered about doing a kind of 'call and response' video, a bit like the activity cards black dogs have done before I guess. As I said, I noticed that the video mostly involved individuals doing actions rather than working together, then edited into a collective project - which is one form of collaboration but not necessarily a very developed one. It was more like a portrait of individuals making up a group. One step further might be everyone deciding an action that someone else then has to interpret and carry out. Now I'm noticing this is rather like the structure of the fanzine format that has been proposed anyway...

- An idea for documenting the 3 months worth of meetings: At the end of the 3 months we could stage and video a meeting that depicts and sums up the key issues that have been discussed over all of the meetings. An uber meeting!

- I really enjoyed listening to people presenting their objects/interests. I wonder if there could be some physical forum in the venue for people to further get to know each other and shared interests and practices. Maybe a wall where anyone can post up questions - "top ten favourite artworks seen this year"etc. They could be sensible or dumb questions, also in response to the thought that people are happy to post all sorts of dross on leedsmusicscene but there's a resistance to doing this about art.


  1. All great suggestions Amelia. I think we should defo get a wall of comments, ideas, questions and so on about art from people that come in to the space.

    As for some kind of collective project; I was going to suggest this to the group as we have recently been updating the Black Dogs website and unearthed an old project from 2007 that we were using as a way to communicate within the group. It was called Black Dogme or 'Dog Dares'. Maybe have a look on the website and see if you think it's the kind of thing that might be fun to try within this group. Maybe Dave or me can do a short presentation about it next Tues?

    Will look forward to following up the journal links also,



  2. Nice one Amelia.

    Re: Interpreting and carrying out actions.... This would be a nice development of the documentary process. Synchronously, we've been thinking about reviving an old BD's project 'Black Dogme' (see which shares something with this idea. Andy and me chatted briefly about introducing / adapting it through the Lab.


    Re: 3 month outcome..... Yes, I think a summative meet that is documented would be good. Stu's mention of Aspen got me thinking though - The projects that could come out of this will probably be pretty varied.... It looks like there might be some sound work, some film work, documentary film work, fanzines, essays and so on. Perhaps this would deserve a box-set in the style of Aspen?

    I think it would be a nice thing to do that would demonstrate a whole range of activity from the three months and hopefully transmit the essence of our combined creative energies a bit more than any single piece could do.

    Either way, I'm starting to get the feeling that the project is already calling out for a roughly defined outcome that we can work on together. I think our (so far) exploratory tack will actually benefit from tackling some pragmatic tasks together at the same time.

  3. thanks for the journal links Amelia.
    I've skimmed the Printed Project that you sent the link to and it seems quite interesting. The J.J. Charlesworth article that mentions the professionalisation of gallery staff and curators was interesting to read as he was writing about things i heard him discussing late last year.
    The Lynda Morris interview seems like it may be interesting as it covers lots to do with the history of late 20th century art school education. Maybe one for our students at the art college to see.

  4. Woof woof.
    Yes, I love the idea of a call and response kind of thing, with actions being decided for someone to do in a way. Brill! Like a dog show ;)
    Just to clarify a little, the Sector 16 thing was done all together - they were all there when each scene was shot, so I think there probably was a lot of collaborative input into what the actions were, and certainly how the camera was set up and frame rates etc. But I wasn't there so don't fully know! We could think about/rewatch that film Will showed at Illuminated Room showing the San Francisco based "Ant Farm Collective's" reenactment of the Kennedy assassination for inspiration for the "uber meeting". A really creative engagement with the act of documenting. See here for link to info:

    A box set is a nice idea Dave, though it freaked me out mildly (the films I'm coming up with are not "ready" for that, they're sketches, but I guess that's the point eh!). For me, I've only over the last week learnt how to put Super 8 onto DVD (old skool or what) so what I'm bringing to the emerald beach is an inflatable ball to be spun around and played with and messed with, and it's not indicative of a piece I've laboured intensely over. They will be sketches. Which is a really nice prospect! I'm looking forward to sketching awhile with y'all!


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