Friday, 12 March 2010

An Evening With(out) Alain Badiou. Thurs 25th March.

Hi all,

I'm going to organise an evening on Thurs 25th March where we listen to a lecture by philosopher Alain Badiou which is called 'The Subject of Art'. It introduces some of his ideas about art, the event, trace and the production of subjectivity. It's about an hour long (without listening to the Q and A that follows) and can be found online at if you want to listen in advance. It's quite tricky in parts but I think worthy of persistence and I hope it will provide the base for an interesting conversation between those who want to come along.

I would also like to use the evening to 'test' a short presentation that I will be giving at a symposium on Placemaking which is ten minutes long and is about how socially-engaged artists might sustain the 'encounters' common to such practice (drawing on Badiou and Hardt and Negri for theoretical context). Perhaps I'll deliver this after we have talked about the Badiou.

I hope it sounds like something people would like to attend. If we start at 6pm then hopefully we won't go on too late. Bring food, booze and we'll make sure there's some coffee too!


  1. Sounds really good - will try to make it. xm

  2. I would love to come, but i cant make it on the 25th booooo! I will definatley give it a listen though!

  3. Sounds good, I will endeavour to be there. Stu

  4. Apologies, Lucy and I have flukily - through Lucy's Twitter skills - acquired tickets to Four Lions in Bradford tonight, including q&a with Chris Morris, so had better go to that!

    Sorry to be missing the evening, i was looking forward to it. We'll report back though, as will the edirol hopefully.

    See you on Saturday for the film marathon - planning to come to the lab tomorrow morning (friday) at 11ish to set up the sound for this.

    All the best, Stu


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