Saturday, 13 March 2010

Tuesday sound afternoon

Hi all,

Thinking about next Tuesday and the proposed sound session pt.II, i am unsure how to approach it. I am thinking it might be best not to 'run' a workshop-type session (not that the last one particularly was!) but to try out a few more focussed ideas such as creating a live soundtrack to the water-damaged/enhanced film that Martha showed at the last meeting, or any visual material that people want to work with.

What does everyone reckon? I'd be more than happy to run a further 'sandpit'/workshop/jam on the following Tuesday (23rd) but have an inkling it'd be good to use next Tuesday to pull a few ideas together. This would in no way exclude folk who weren't there last week, anyone who likes the 'sound' of this kind of activity please come along!

Any thoughts or suggestions welcome - maybe I'm just keen not to be in charge this week!



  1. that sounds like a great idea to me. and hopefully i might just manage to come along this time [maybe, possibly]!

    phill . . .

  2. Hey! I'm burning Phill a copy of that water-ravaged film 'Blood and Fire' and gave my other copy to Dave Thomas, since both showed an interest in doing something musically with it. If anyone wants one just shout. Perhaps doing the jam would be good on Thursday then, or leaving it til next Tuesday? xm

  3. Hi again, i'm hitting a bit of a busy patch - away next mon/tuesday with lumen in birmingham, and have various bits of gig preparation to fit into the latter part of the week (festival at brudenell over weekend).

    My next clear week is that of the 29th march which appears as a breath of fresh air in my diary, so activities will resume then! Keen to start planning the Alvin Lucier pieces too.



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