Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Sound Afternoon Pt.II - Tuesday 6th April 1.30pm

Hi all, next Tuesday is set for a further session of playing with sound at Black Lab.

The session will be very open but a general focus will be to create live soundtracks for film. Bring along anything you think might work for this - could be still or moving images, or even 3D objects and food... though I imagine that moving image film will be the main focus so don't be too disappointed if your fried peach doesn't have a song written for it.

This will not in any way be a high brow music jam, more a fun and experimental muck around with sound with the aim of collectively producing some kind of coherent din and thinking about how sound and image might relate.

'Instrument' wise, again, bring anything that produces a sound that you fancy using or trying out, but there's no shortage of noise-makers around the space already, including wine glasses, passing traffic and a large shed. There will be a small PA system and i'll make sure we have a couple of vocal mics too.

Any questions please get in touch, preferably on this blog so all can see.

The 22nd and 23rd of April are booked for some more performance-based sound events, which may include among other things a 24 hour improvisation and the construction of at least one sound sculpture. This is all to be discussed!


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  1. Wrote to Alvin Lucier to ask if we could (attempt to) install his 'Music on a Long Thin Wire' sound piece at Green Sands and he responded:

    "Dear Stuart, Yes by all means go ahead an install WIRE. And good luck!
    Cordially, Alvin Lucier"

    Good friendly response, nice to have his blessing to try this out. Next step is to pester nearby piano shops for 50 feet or so of unwanted wire!


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