Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Movie Marathon on Saturday!

Hey all!

Really looking forward to Saturday! It's an 8pm (ish) start, and will run throughout the night til about 8am or so. There will be 6 feature-length films, and some info on sheets about the films that David and I have put together. We'll be setting up from 4pm on Saturday, so anyone who wants to come and help out would be really welcome! There's not too much to do, but the screen is a whopping 14.5 foot by 10 foot! Should be ok just me, Phill, David and his brother, but the more the merrier.

The general consensus about the night is that anyone can be invited, but I'm not putting it up on bit forums etc. so that it remains a bit intimate and manageable - I'm not concerned as to whether 5 people show up or 50, I just want it to feel good and fun and a nice atmosphere. So please invite whoever you want to invite!

If you're coming, please bring with you something to share - food/drink wise - so that people can keep going throughout the night. This doesn't stop you bringing things for just yourself too, but bring something to add to the "communal table" that Black Lab has lovingly cultivated over the past few weeks! I think we'll turn the shed into a bar/chill place.

James Hill - will you please perform Das Kapital after one of the films? Would be much obliged!

It's not going to be a really extravagant "do", and we won't massively transform the space aesthetically, but hopefully a really nice thing to be part of. Anyone wanting to contribute their ipods to the "in between films" music is totally welcome to plug it in - bring music! I won't list the films here, you'll find out on the night (remains mostly what I told you all at a meeting weeks ago with a few minor changes). . . some of them are very relevant to some discussions which have been occurring at the lab sessions too. I'm looking forward to spending an epic session with y'all at the Emerald Beach.

See you then,

x Marth

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  1. My sleeping bag is already there so we are definitely coming! Excited!


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