Wednesday, 17 March 2010

How To Make a Website

Hi all,

Whilst we haven't got our lovely cavern to share info in I thought I'd try and use the blog a bit more as we would the Green Sands. As some of you know I've been learning how to muck about with the Black Dogs website of late and spent a lot of time familiarising myself with Indexhibit which is the application Dan had used to get the BDs site set up. It's dead easy to use and (in my opinion) produces nice results so I have attempted to learn how to build some new sites from scratch. I've done one for Yvonne, and turned my two into Indexhibit ones ( and

The reason I'm writing about them on here is that, whilst it was a reasonably simple process to make a website in the end, there does seem to be a lack of full step-by-step guides available online. This leaves us at the mercy of various techie-geeks (which I have now fully become) who want to charge over the odds for what is essentially being sat down and bashing away at a few keys for a couple of hours. Anyway, I've attempted to write a 'how-to guide' by way of documenting the processes I went through in building mine which you can find in the 'website' section of Let me know if you manage to put it into practise or if you think there's bits that could do with expanding!

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